Bai Yong, general manager of Google Greater China, visits ICSA
Time: Nov 25.2021

Bai Yong, general manager of Google Greater China, was invited to make a speech in a symposium to teachers and students of ICSA. Professor Hu Kaibao, dean of ICSA, chaired his speech in the conference room 155B.

General manager Bai Yong introduced the products of Google, shared the technical path Google has taken in its development and the technological breakthroughs called for in the future. The topics also included the relationship between human and machine learning artificial intelligence.

Drawing on a comparison between AlphaGo、AlphaGoZero、AlphaZero, Bai Yong made a clarification of specific applications of data set and algorithm.

Bai Yong explained at length the top ten breakthroughs in technology in 2021 and reminded that most of the breakthroughs were related to information integration and processing.  

The trend was best reflected in Google’s mission statement: 'to integrate global information so that everyone can access and use it'. Bai hoped that the students would train themselves to master and control technology, and the key was an active way of thinking.

In Q & A, Bai shared his experience in study and work and believed that three qualities of team collaboration, self-learning capability and proactivity are indispensable for any successful career and life.

The symposium was ended by Professor Hu’s summary, who highlighted the importance of integrating information technology with language data analysis.