Who Are We?
  • Our Past

    The Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications is an independent research institute affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University. As the first institute of its like established in China in November 2019, we have persisted to conduct frontier research for further market applications. Our top priority includes the notions of internationalization, interdisciplinarity, and convergence of research and applications, which promote dialogue between technology and humanities, basic research, and its applications.

  • Our Mission

    Coming from different countries, our staff engage with multiple disciplines. Drawing on the self-established databases and corpus with a specialization in multiple languages parallel corpus, our staff conduct language-data-based research informing such fields as linguistics, translation studies, wisdom education and language intelligence. Besides, our Institute pioneers in establishing a new MA program of Language Data Science and Applications, with an aim to educate expert talents to meet the increasing needs from the market and the academia.

  • Our Achievement

    Up till the present, our Institute has investigated in 10 research projects, including state-level key project with a focus on translation, construction, and circulation of China’s political discourse globally. Self-developed Integrated Platform of The Governance of China in Multiple-language Parallel Corpus gains state-level award. The new MA program of Language Data Science and Applications, after enrolling its first round of graduates in 2021, has gained its acceptance into the New Humanities Project funded by China’s Ministry of Education.

  • Our Opportunity

    Apart from a friendly environment for collaborative and cross-disciplinary research, our Institute can offer you easy and free access to a more advanced infrastructure including labs regarding digital humanity, language intelligence, wisdom learning, and centers for translation studies, discourse studies, multimodal transmission of Chinese stories, and a complex for intelligent language data processing and applications.

  • Our Vision

    With an aim to build our Institute into a hub for global exchange of frontier research and market applications, we welcome you to join us for a different world if you are ready to embrace challenge from the growing expanse covering technology and humanities.