GENG Qiang

  • Professor, Vice Dean

  • Research: Translation Studies, Discourse Analysis

  • Office: Building 5 # 133

  • Tel: +86-21-67705029

  • Email: gengqiang AT shisu DOT edu DOT cn

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My research focuses on a few topics like modern Chinese translation history, the state-sponsored outbound translation of Chinese literature into English, socialist translation discourse (1940s to 1980s) and critical analysis of conflictual discourses in contemporary China. Recently, I have worked on a project of exploring the relationship between CPC’s documents and Chinese translation discourse. Other related research is about to investigate how knowledge gets circulated via paratextual elements in translation.



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  • GENG Qiang.

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  • 中国文学:新时期的译介与传播——熊猫丛书英译中国文学研究,2019,南开大学出版社. (本书为“十三五”国家重点图书规划项目)。

  • 晚清至现代中国文学对外译介研究—一段隐形的翻译史, 2015, 世纪图书出版社。

  • 主持国家级项目1项,在研;

  • 主持部级项目2项,结项;

  • 完成厅局级项目3项;

  • 完成横向项目2项


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