JIN Juhua

  • Associate Professor

  • Research: Language & Translation Studies

  • Office: Building 5 # 134

  • Tel: +86-21-67705079

  • Email: 2020009 AT shisu DOT edu DOT cn

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Graduated from Minzu University of China with a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree, Associate Professor JIN Juhua did her postdoctoral in Shandong University and was a visiting scholar in Yonsei University. Her studies mainly focus on language comparison, corpus-based translation studies and diplomatic discourse. She is the author to 18 books, compilations, textbooks, translated books and 22 papers published in significant journals at home and abroad. She was the principal investigator for 9 programmes, the sponsors of which range from Chinese Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Shandong Province Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences and international cooperation programs.



  • “On the Translation and Dissemination of Jin Yong’s Novels in South Korea”.Chinese Korean 2020. Author.


  • “당대 중국특색 정치용어 번역 데이터베이스의 구축현황에 대한 연구-‘중국특색용어 대외번역 표준화 데이터베이스’ 번역연구를 중심으로[On Construction and Present Situation of Terminology Base of Contemporary Political Discourse with Chinese Characteristics: A Case Study of Standardized Chinese-Korean Translation of Terminologies with Chinese Characteristics ]”.중국조선어문(Korean Language in China).5(2021). Author.


  • “조선 후기 한역속담집 《이담속찬》의 문헌적 특성과 가치 연구 (On the Value of Academic Literature in “Er Tan Xu Zhuan, a Collection of Proverbs Translated from Chinese in the Later Period of Korea)”. 중국조선어문(Korean Language in China).5 (2020). Author.


  • “A Preliminary Discussion of Talent Cultivation of Korean MTI in China's Higher Learning Institutions.” Korean Language Education Research (English Edition)(KCI). 53.5 (2018). First Author.

  • “A Study on the improvement of Interpretation Ability of Undergraduate Learners of Korean Major.” 한국(조선)어교육연구(Journal of Korean Language Education and Research).13 (2018). Corresponding Author. (This paper was named the 2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis in Shandong University.)


  • “Poverty Viewed from a Political-Economical Perspective: Determining Factors of Relative Poverty.” Social Sciences Abroad (CSSCI).6 (2017). Translator.


  • “Asian Development Model and the Catching Up, Surpassing and Falling Behind of Asian Countries.” Social Sciences Abroad (CSSCI). 1 (2016). Translator. (This article was reprinted by Net of Development Research Center of the State Council [] in full.)


  • Taking Well-Targeted Steps: On Style and Dissemination of Xi Jinping’s International Discourse. Shandong: Shandong Federation of Social Sciences, 2021. First Author.

  • A Comparative Study of the Book of Proverbs in the Late Korea. Shenyang: Liaoning Ethnic Publishing House, 2011. Author.

  • 한국문화연구(A Study of Korean Culture). Shenyang: Liaoning Ethnic Publishing House, 2011. Associate Editor.

  • “The Aesthetic Culture of Contemporary China.” The Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Programme Sponsored by Chinese Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences. 2013-2017. (close).

  • “A study on the Discourse Style and the Propagation of Korean Translation of Xi Jinping’s Remarks of Governance”, sponsored by Shandong Province Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences. 2018-2021. (close).

  • “A study on the Cognition Features of Body Parts Idioms in Korean and Their Comparison with Chinese”, sponsored by International Cooperation Project. 2013-2014. (close).

  • “A Study on the Application of Corpus in Teaching the Korean Language in University”, sponsored by Institute for Language Materials Development. 2021-  (in research)


  • Researcher of Department of Language Information Management Talent Tank, Ministry of Education, China

  • Executive Director of International Association for Hallidayan Linguistics, Sydney

  • Research Assistant (Part-time) of Trilateral Cooperation Studies Centre of Shandong University

  • Special Translator for Koreana