XU Hongzhi

  • Assistant Research Fellow

  • Research: NLP

  • Office: Building 5 # 138

  • Tel: +86-021-67705082

  • Email: hxu AT shisu DOT edu DOT cn

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  • Karl David Neergaard, Hongzhi Xu, James Sneed German, Chu-Ren Huang. Database of Word-Level Statistics for Mandarin Chinese. Behavior Research Methods. (Final Review). SSCI

  • Hongzhi Xu, Menghan Jiang, Jingxia Lin, Chu-Ren Huang. 2020. Light Verb Variations and Varieties of Mandarin Chinese: Comparable Corpus Driven Approaches to Grammatical Variations. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory. SSCI

  • Hongzhi Xu, Jordan Kodner, Mitch Marcus, Charles Yang. 2020. Unsupervised Learning of Language Morphology by Exploring Language Typology(基于语言类型学的无监督语言形态分析系统). In Proceedings of the 58th Annual Conference of Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL).

  • Justin Mott, Ann Bies, Stephanie Strassel, Jordan Kodner, Caitlin Richter, Hongzhi Xu, Mitch Marcus. 2020. Morphological Segmentation for Low Resource Languages. International Conference on Language Resource and Evaluation (LREC). Spain.


  • Hongzhi Xu. 2019. The Experiential Aspect of Mandarin Chinese (-guo): Semantics and Pragmatics. Lingua, SSCI


  • Hongzhi Xu, Chunping Li, Li Li, and Hongyu Shi. 2015. Accelerating the Training Process of Support Vector Machines by Random Partition. International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering. 7(1): 29-33. EI



  • Hongzhi Xu. Chinese Aspectual System: Theory and Computation. Springer.

  • Karl Neergaard, Hongzhi Xu, Chu-Ren Huang. Database of Word Level Statistics - Mandarin LDC2020L01.  Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2020.  ISBN: 1-58563-914-1.


  • 2020汉语多词语法成份标注语料据。2020年汉语多词语法成份识别任务(PARSEME VMWE Shared Tasks)测试数据。

  • 2020无监督语言形态分析系统 V2.0 (Xu, et al., 2020). 下载地址:

  • 2015-19

  • 2015-2019LORELEI(LOw REsource Languages and Emergent Incidents:低资源自然语言处理以及紧急情况检测)

  • 2015-2018无监督语言形态分析系统 (Xu, et al., 2018). 下载地址:


  • 国际会议以及期刊程序委员会: COLING 2020; PACLIC 2019; ACL Workshop on Designing Meaning Representations (DMR) 2019; Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop (CLSW) 2015 - 2018, IALP (International Association of Asian Language Processing) 2016 - 2018, Reviewer of the journal Lingua Sinica 2014 & 2016.