• Post-doctoral Researcher

  • Research: SFL, Discourse Analysis, Ecolinguistics, Corpus Linguistics

  • Office: Building 5 # 153

  • Email: zhanglin076 AT 126 DOT com

  • Education

  • Research interests

  • Publications

  • 2019   PhD, Functional Linguistics, Sun Yat-sen University

  • Systemic functional linguistics, discourse analysis, ecolinguistics, corpus linguistics

  1. Zhang Lin & Huang Guowen. The natural ecology of language: the birth and development. Foreign Language Education, 2019(1).

  2. Zhanglin (Trans.) . Ecolinguistics and globalization. Journal of Poyang Lake, 2018(1).

  3. Zhang Lin. Stratification and realization of the language strata within Systemic Functional linguistics. Jornal of Lanzhou Normal colleges, 2014(6).

  4. Zhang Lin. A comparative study of the interpersonal meaning in English and Chinese editorials”, Journal of Gansu Lianhe University, 2008(6).