Admission for PhD
Time: Mar 16.2022

Implementation Rules of Application-Assessment for the 2022 Ph.D. Enrollment of the Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications, Shanghai International Studies University

Chapter Ⅰ General Provisions

Article 1 This detailed implementation rules is specially formulated according to the Implementation Measures for the Application-Assessment System for Doctoral Students Admissions of Shanghai International Studies University” in order to deepen the reform of postgraduate education, improve the quality of enrollment of doctoral students, and attach importance to the applicants' training potential and academic innovation ability.

Article 2 This application-assessment system is used by the Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications to enroll doctoral students. Candidates submit application materials to prove their learning ability, knowledge structure and scientific research potential. The Institute organizes experts to review the materials. After passing the qualification review, they will directly enter the comprehensive assessment.

Chapter II Organization and Management 

Article 3 Under the leadership of the university's leading group for postgraduate enrollment, the Institute has established a steering group responsible for its doctoral application and assessment. 

Article 4 Under the guidance of the steering group, the Institute of Corpus of Studies and Applications establishes the qualification review group and the evaluation committee, which are responsible for the qualification review and the comprehensive assessment of applicants respectively.

Article 5 The qualification review group consists of 5 professors or associate professors of the language data science and applications. The person in charge shall be designated by the leading group for enrollment of the Institute. 

Article 6 The evaluation committee includes 5 professors or associate professors with strong sense of responsibility and impartiality in the discipline of language data science and applications. At least 3 of them shall have the qualification of being the doctoral supervisor (including supervisor for admission). The person in charge shall be designated by the steering group for enrollment of the Institute. 

Article 7 Teachers involved in kinship or other situations that may affect impartiality shall refrain from the qualification review and comprehensive assessment.

Chapter III Application Requirements 

Article 8 Applicants must abide by laws and regulations with good ideological and moral qualities, and be honest and healthy. 

Article 9 Applicants must meet the requirements stipulated in the general enrollment rules for doctoral candidates of SISU, and obtain a master's degree (fresh graduates must obtain a master's degree before admission). 

Article 10 Applicants should have strong academic research ability and provide corresponding materials for this: 

1. Academic research ability: published 1 paper in academic journals or international conferences, or independently developed 1 software or platform related to language data science and applications. 

2. Foreign language level: passed CET-6, TEM-8 for English majors or other relevant foreign language professional exams.

Chapter IV Procedures 

Article 11 The working procedure includes four links: individual application, preliminary review and comprehensive assessment by the Institute, review by the graduate school and approval by the university’s leading group for enrollment. Candidates who meet the requirements apply voluntarily and submit relevant materials that can reflect their scientific research ability, foreign language ability and comprehensive quality. The Institute will organize material review, determine the list of applicants to have the comprehensive assessment, and then the list of proposed admissions. After the Graduate School reviews and applies to the Leading Group for approval, the admission list will be officially released. 

Article 12 Candidates should register online within the specified time, and submit the following application materials to the Institute: 

1. Registration Form generated from the website of China Postgraduate Admissions Information; 

2. Photocopy of the valid resident ID card; 

3. Former students should provide the master's degree certificate and the graduate certificate; fresh students should provide the studying certificate; applicants who have obtained a master's degree abroad must submit a certification issued by the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education. 

Applicants who have not passed the academic qualification verification of China Graduate Admissions Information during the online registration must provide the following materials: former students should provide the electronic registration form for the graduate certificate and the master degree certificate; fresh students should provide the education qualification certificate; 

(1)Ways to obtain the electronic registration form of the graduate certificate: 

Log in to the China Higher Education Student Information Network (, and click to print and download the electronic registration form 

(2)Ways to obtain the postgraduate degree certification report: 

Log in to the China Degree and Graduate Education Information Network (, go to Degree Search to apply for degree verification online, and print and download your degree verification report; 

(3)Ways to obtain the education qualification certificate for fresh graduates: 

Log in to the China Higher Education Student Information Network (, enter the Xuexin File to apply for s education qualification verification online, and print and download your own education qualification report. If unsuccessful, you can apply for written certification as required and obtain it; 

(4)Ways to obtain the certification report issued by the Service Center for Study Abroad of the Ministry of Education: 

The website of the Academic Degree Certification System of the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education: ( 

4. Postgraduate Students Academic Record (must be affixed with the official seal of the Graduate Records Management Department); 

5. Master's thesis (fresh master graduates should provide a master's thesis opening proposal and the completed part of the thesis); 

6. Two recommendation letters written by experts and scholars with high professional titles related to language data science and applications; 

7. Copies of published papers, copies of software copyrights of independently developed software or platforms, copies of foreign language proficiency certificates and other related materials. 

Electronic material submission: 

The postgraduate enrollment management system of Shanghai International Studies University ( - the function of the doctoral application assessment (pre-exam) module will be opened at 17:00 on December 19, 2021. Please submit the electronic version of all the above materials in Before 17:00 on December 30.

Applicants can make Health Declaration and Personal Honor Filling after submitting personal materials. 

Delivery time and method of paper materials: 

Applicants are requested to send the above materials by SF Express to: Room 155, Building No.5, Shanghai International Studies University, No. 1550 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, Director Liu (receive), 13851852527.

Article 13 According to the application materials submitted by the applicant, the Institute will conduct a preliminary review of their scientific research potential and basic quality, and will review the qualifications according to the majors they apply for. The steering group of the Institute determines the list of applicants for the comprehensive assessment according to the results of the material review and the implementation rules, publishes it on the website (, and submits to the Graduate School to make a unified announcement in the Doctoral Admissions column of the website. 

Article 14 Candidates need to bring

 (1) Original resident ID card;

 (2) Original master degree certificate and graduate certificate (student ID card for fresh master graduates, master degree certificate and original certification report from the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education for applicants who have obtained a master's degree abroad) 

(3) Originals or copies of published papers, originals of software copyrights of independently developed software or platforms, and originals of foreign language proficiency certificates. The Institute will verify the originals of the above documents before the comprehensive assessment. 

Article 15 The evaluation committee of the Institute is responsible for the comprehensive assessment, which adopts a combination of written test and interview. The applicant's foreign language level (including professional foreign language), professional foundation, scientific research ability (language expression ability, logical thinking ability, experiment/practice ability, scientific research level, innovation ability, academic quality, etc.), ideological and political quality and moral character are comprehensively assessed, and the applicant is comprehensively evaluated.

Those who fail the ideological and political quality and morality assessment will not be admitted.

The assessment results are finally combined into three subjects: foreign language, professional foundation (Introduction to Linguistics or Introduction to Data Science), and comprehensive assessment, namely assessment score = foreign language score + professional basic score + comprehensive assessment score. The full score of each subject is 100 points, and the total score of the examination is 300 points. The students are admitted in descending order according to the category and total score. The Institute is admitted according to the major, that is, in the same major according to the order of the total score from the highest to the lowest.

 If the total score of the comprehensive assessment is lower than 180, or the score of a single subject (foreign language, professional foundation, and comprehensive assessment) is lower than 60, the admission will not be accepted. 

The comprehensive assessment will be recorded and videotaped throughout. 

Article 16 The list of candidates to be admitted shall be submitted by the Institute to the Graduate School for review, and the Graduate School shall submit it to the university’s Leading Group for approval. 

Article 17 The proposed admission list and the supplementary list must be reviewed and approved by the university’s leading group. The list of candidates to be admitted will be uniformly announced by the Research and Recruitment Office on the website for no less than 10 working days including the registration number, name, proposed major, proposed category, proposed direction, comprehensive examination scores and total scores of each subject and whether it belongs to a certain type of special plan, etc.; if there is any change in the list, a special explanation must be made for the changed part, and the changed content shall be announced for 10 working days. Unannounced admission results are invalid. 

Article 18 The original materials for qualification examination and comprehensive assessment shall be retained for 6 years by the Institute for future reference to ensure the standardization and traceability of material eaxmination and comprehensive assessment. 

Article 19 The doctoral students who are to be admitted will participate in the physical examination organized by the school after enrollment. The physical examination work of our university is in accordance with the Guiding Opinions on the Physical Examination for Enrollment in Ordinary Colleges and Universities (Jiao [2003] No. 3) issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the China Disabled Persons' Federation and “The Notice on Cancellation of Hepatitis B Item Testing in Enrollment Physical Examination” (Jiao Department [2010] No. 2). Those who fail the physical examination shall be disqualified from admission or retained for one year according to the regulations of our university’s student registration management.

Chapter V Supervision Mechanism 

Article 20 The postgraduate enrollment of the Institute implements an information disclosure system and accepts social supervision. Any violations confirmed by the university will be dealt with according to the relevant regulations.

Contact information for supervision: 

Discipline Inspection and Supervision of SISU

Office Tel: 021-3537333 


Chapter VI Others 

Article 21 The detailed implementation rules are interpreted by the Institute. 

Article 22 The detailed rules apply to the enrollment of 2022 doctoral students.

If in doubt, please consult: 

Office of Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications, Shanghai International Studies University 

Tel: 021-67705180 

Official site: 


Address: Building No.5, Songjiang District, Shanghai International Studies University 

Access: Graduate Admissions Management System of Shanghai International Studies University


第一章 总则

第一条 为深化研究生教育改革,提高博士研究生的招生选拔质量,注重考查申请人的培养潜力与学术创新能力,根据《上海外国语大学博士研究生招生“申请—考核”制实施办法》,特制定本实施细则。 

第二条 本“申请—考核”制实施细则,是语料库研究院实行的博士研究生招生方式。考生提交用以证明其学习能力、知识结构和科研潜质的申请材料,语料库研究院组织专家对其材料进行审核,资格审核通过后,直接进入综合考核。

第二章 组织管理

第三条 在校研究生招生工作领导小组的领导下,语料库研究院成立招生工作指导小组,招生工作指导小组负责本研究院的博士申请—考核制招生工作。

第四条 语料库研究院在招生工作指导小组的指导下分别成立资格审核组、评审委员会,资格审核组负责申请者的资格审核,评审委员会负责申请者的综合考核。

第五条 资格审核组由语言数据科学与应用专业所在学科的教授或副教授组成,人数为5人。资格审核组的负责人由语料库研究院招生工作领导小组指定。

第六条 评审委员会包括5名责任心强、为人公正、教学科研经验丰富、学术水平高、外语交流能力强的语言数据科学与应用专业所在学科的教授或副教授;其中至少3人为具有博士生指导资格的教师(含招生导师)。评审委员会的负责人由语料库研究院招生工作指导小组指定。

第七条 涉及亲属关系或其他可能影响公正情形的老师应当回避资格审核和综合考核。

第三章 申请条件

第八条 申请人须具备良好的思想道德品质,遵纪守法,诚实守信,身心健康。

第九条 申请者须符合我校博士研究生招生简章中规定的报考条件,并获得硕士学位(应届生须在入学前取得硕士学位)。

第十条 申请者须有较强的学术研究能力并提供相应的科研成果证明材料:

1. 学术研究能力:在学术期刊或国际会议上发表论文1篇,或独立开发语言数据科学与应用相关的软件或平台1个。

2. 外语水平:通过大学英语六级、英语专业八级或其他外语专业考试相关等级。

第四章 工作程序

第十一条 工作程序包括个人申请、院系初审与综合考核、研究生院复核并报校研究生招生工作领导小组审批四个环节。符合报考条件的考生自愿申请,提交能够反映其科研能力、外语能力和综合素质的相关材料,语料库研究院组织材料审核、确定进入综合考核的申请人名单、组织综合考核并确定拟录取名单。研究生院复核并报校研究生招生工作领导小组审批后,正式发布录取名单。

第十二条 考生在规定的时间内进行网上报名,并将以下申请材料报送语料库研究院审核:






登录“中国高等教育学生信息网” (,点击“学历查询”下的“本人查询”打印下载本人的学历证书电子注册备案表)


登录“中国学位与研究生教育信息网” (,进入“学位查询”在线申请学位验证,打印下载本人的学位认证报告;


登录“中国高等教育学生信息网” (,进入“学信档案”在线申请学籍验证,打印下载本人的学籍认证报告。如不成功可根据要求申请书面认证,获得“学籍认证报告”;








上海外国语大学研究生招生管理系统(博士申请考核(考前)模块功能将于2021年12月19日17:00开通,请申请人将以上所有材料的电子版于12月30日17点之前通过 “个人材料提交”模块打包上传。





第十三条 语料库研究院根据申请人提交的申请材料,对其科研潜质和基本素质进行初审,资格审核时按报考专业统一审核。语料库研究院研究生招生工作指导小组根据材料审查结果,按实施细则确定进入综合考核的申请人名单,在语料库研究院网站(上公布,并报送研究生院在学校网站“博士招生”专栏统一公示。

第十四条 综合考核时考生需携带




第十五条 综合考核由语料库研究院评审委员会负责,采用笔试与面试相结合的方式。对申请人外语水平(含专业外语)、专业基础、科研能力(语言表达能力、逻辑思维能力、实验/实践能力、科研水平、创新能力、学术素养等)、思想政治素质和品德等方面进行全面考核,对申请人作出综合评价。





第十六条 拟录取名单由语料库研究院报研究生院复核,研究生院提交学校研究生招生工作领导小组审批。

第十七条 拟录取名单和递补名单须经学校研究生招生工作领导小组审核批准。拟录取名单由研招综办在学校研究生招生信息网进行统一公示,公示不少于10个工作日,公示内容包含报名号、姓名、拟录取专业、拟录取类别、拟录取方向、综合考核各科成绩和总成绩、是否属于某类专项计划等;名单如有变动,须对变动部分做出专门说明,并对变动内容另行公示10个工作日。未经公示的录取结果无效。

第十八条 资格审核、综合考核的原始材料由语料库研究院留存备查,保证材料审查和综合考核的规范性和可追溯性,留存期为6年。

第十九条 拟录取博士生入学后参加学校统一组织的体检。我校体检工作按照教育部、卫生部、中国残联印发的《普通高等学校招生体检工作指导意见》(教学〔2003〕3号)和《教育部办公厅卫生部办公厅关于普通高等学校招生学生入学身体检查取消乙肝项目检测有关问题的通知》(教学厅〔2010〕2号)的规定执行,体检不合格者按我校学籍管理规定取消入学资格或保留入学资格一年。

第五章 监督机制

第二十条 语料库研究院研究生招生工作实行信息公开制度,接受社会监督。经学校查实的招生违规行为,将按学校相关规定处理。





第六章 其他

第二十一条 本实施细则由语料库研究院负责解释。

第二十二条 本实施细则适用于2022级博士研究生招生工作。