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Time: Oct 20.2023

Notice of registration for 2024 recommended exam-exempt students in 'Language Data Science and Application' of ICSA, SISU

The notice of registration for 2024 recommended exam-exempt students in 'Language Data Science and Application' of Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications of Shanghai International Studies University is officially announced. Details are as follows:

01 Application requirement

  1. Have noble patriotic sentiment and collectivism spirit, strong socialist belief, strong sense of social responsibility, abide by the law, positive, physical and mental health, no disciplinary violations in school, never received punishment.

  2. Outstanding four-year undergraduate graduates enrolled in the National General Undergraduate Enrollment Plan (excluding students with top-up, second bachelor's degree and independent college).

  3. The applicant is expected to obtain the general recommended exemption quota of the school of origin (excluding the special plan of the teaching support group). Excellent academic performance, ranking in the top 15% of the major.

  4. Graduate certificate and bachelor's degree certificate are required before admission.

02 Registration

From 09:00 on September 15, 2023 to 24:00 on September 19, 2023, applicants who are expected to be eligible for the general recommended exemption should submit their pre-registration to our graduate enrollment management system Please prepare the following materials in advance:

  1. Identification card

  2. Undergraduate transcript (official seal of Academic Affairs department required)

  3. Certificate of Academic ranking (with official seal of Academic Affairs Office or College)

  4. Ordinary Qualification Certificate (optional)

  5. Student ID

  6. Awards or certificates/certificates of honor (optional)

  7. Research work, published papers, publications and other supporting materials (optional)

  8. Proof of social practice (optional)

03 Qualification review

The program will set up a special review team to evaluate the applicant's qualifications based on the materials submitted by the applicant and the main evaluation basis of educational background, academic level, scientific research ability and comprehensive quality. The qualification review results will be released through the online application system before September 22, and the list of recommended exempted students will be publicized through the official website of Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications ( Those who fail to pass the qualification review will not be notified further.

04 Assessment form and performance assessment

  1. The examination form is 1 professional written examination and 1 professional interview (the examination is based on basic ability, no other information is available), the full score is 100 points, professional written examination or professional interview scores fail (below 60 points), will not be admitted; In the case of passing both the written test and interview scores, the total score (written test 100 points + interview 100 points) is accorded for admission.

  2. The candidates recommended for exemption will be selected according to the assessment. The pre-admission list will be determined in accordance with the principle of 'performance first' and publicized on the official website of Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications ( candidates are required to obtain the qualification of the university for the promotion and exemption before they can go through the procedures for the promotion and exemption of students.

05 Notes

  1. "Excellent Campers" (including replacement) of our Summer Camp in 2023 do not need to pre-register again.

  2. The applicant shall ensure the authenticity and accuracy of all the application information. If any false information is provided, the applicant's application qualification, admission qualification or school status will be cancelled according to the relevant regulations. All consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the examinee.

  3. The re-examination will be conducted offline. Candidates who enter the re-examination should be prepared for the re-examination.

  4. Once the candidate is proposed to be admitted as the recommended exam-free graduate student of our Institute in 2024, he/she shall not participate in the national examination again, otherwise the qualification of recommended exam-free students will be cancelled and listed as unified examination students.

  5. After the launch of the service system for Promotion and exemption of the Ministry of Education (, all pre-admission candidates must register, confirm the second examination and confirm the pending admission in the service system within the time prescribed by our university; otherwise, the pre-admission qualification will be revoked. The corresponding registration time is subject to further notice.

  6. Cross-disciplinary application is welcome.

  7. During the enrollment period, if the state and the university have formulated and issued new policies and regulations, the Graduate School Admissions Office of our university will timely inform and comply with them.

06 If you have any questions, please contact:

Office of Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications, Shanghai International Studies University

Contact: Ms. Liu


Phone number: 021-67705180

The institute's official website:

 Official WeChat public account: 上外语料库研究院

Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications

Shanghai International Studies University