Job Vacancy-Global Search

Join a new institute with a pledge to seek excellency in a global enterprise of corpus studies and applications.

Who are we?

Established in December 1949 in Shanghai China, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) has developed itself into a university which offers 12 national top degree programs and courses in 49 languages, with operation of more than 100 research institutes and centers serving as academic think tanks to provide advisory services on language policies, diplomatic strategies and global public opinion of China. 

SISU has now established ties with more than 430 universities and institutions from 62 countries and regions, and has maintained close connection with international organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union. Over the past five years, around 4,000 international students have enrolled our programs each year.

Founded in November 2019, our institute aims to conduct interdisciplinary studies based on language data in diversified fields of linguistics, translation studies, education, artificial intelligence and computer science and explore the prospects of applying academic fruits to industries. 

As a new institute, we have now established an intellectually international environment for professionals from different research backgrounds and countries to seek cross-disciplinary research to push forward the academic frontiers concerning language and technology for benefits of local and global communities. 

With joint contribution, we have built up a new graduate program of language data science and application, obtained multiple state-funded programs, established different research centers and teams, and built four big corpora for studies on language, translation and discourse. Much more research is underway.

We offer first-class labs for natural language processing, machine translation model development, multimodal data collection and analysis. More importantly, we feel committed to make headway in the direction towards grand challenges and virgin fields. If you desire for creativity, exploration and excellency, our institute is the place you should stay.

We warmly welcome those who specialize in:


Computation Linguistics

Corpus Studies

Natural Language Processing

Machine Translation

Translation Studies

Discourse Studies

Computer Science

Language Education

Who are we looking for?

Chair Professors


Associate Professors

Assistant Professors

Research Assistants

Post-doctoral Candidates

Visiting Scholars

What are the requirements for our candidates?

The Candidates should have a doctoral degree in their field of expertise. (not necessary for Visiting Scholars)

Academic production is required.

Professional achievements in teaching and research are required for Chair Professorship, Professorship and Associate Professorship.

Excellent achievements in teaching, research, academic contribution and leadership are necessary for appointment at the levels of Chair Professors and Professors.

What benefits will you get from us?

A decent annual income

Friendly and comfortable environment for work

Full support for research and personal development in terms of fund, bonus and opportunities

How do you reach us?

Please do not hesitate to send your detailed CV to our email, or call us at: (86)-021-67705180

Contact: Liu Huan; Geng Qiang (