ICSA Website Translator and Editor Recruitment
Time: Jan 16.2022

Part-time Jobs for ICSA English Website Translating and Editing

*The Job Advertisement Is Open Without Time Deadline

Job description:

Translation of news, conference report, academic speech from Chinese into English

Revision of English Translated Text

The work is weekly based, which means generally translation needs to be finished within 2 days and all the work in a week must be completed with the same week.

95% of the source texts are within 500 words in Chinese. 


Excellent command of both English and Chinese for translators;

Excellent command of English at least for editors;

Team spirit, work ethics and temporality are required.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to:

Professor Geng Qiang

Office: 133, Teaching Building No. 5.


16 of January 2022