The Fourth Lecture in the Forum for Language and Data by ICSA
Time: Nov 23.2021

At the invitation of ICSA, Tony McEnery Distinguished Professor from Lancaster University made a speech titled as “Keyword, time and multiple-correspondence analysis: exploring media discourse over time” today. Professor Hong Huaqing from ICSA chaired his speech.

In his speech, professor McEnery presented how to use keywords as a method to explore the ways Muslins and Islamic culture were represented in national media in Britain, the dominant patterns of discourses related and how they developed over time. The study reported informed ten aspects, including war, conflict and terrorism and report of daily life and event, diplomacy and internal affairs, western political and oversea conflicts, British and American state policies, globalization and tribalism, the consequence of corruption and human rights and terrorist attacks, the rise of ultra-rightism and radicalization of British Muslim and political agenda, and election and political agenda and safety threat.

Drawing on Biber’s theory, McEnery proposed the assumption that cooccurrence pattern of keywords with multiple frequency could help to unravel universal representation or discourse. His research offered a method to conduct more nuanced study based on keyword analysis, which justified the assumption.

In his summary, professor Hong Huaqing made an evaluation of McEnery’s method and suggested its potential application in analysis of China’s media.