DUE to COVID-19 still raging globally, we’d like to announce that this year’s conference will be held ONLINE ONLY and charges NO FEES for registration.


For each accepted paper, at least one of the authors MUST do the registration before October 10th.


l  Author Registration

ü  Every conference paper requires at least one REGULAR registration.

ü  The authors of conference papers MUST register by October 10th. If the registration has not been done by the deadline, the acceptance of the paper will be cancelled.


l  No show Policy

ü  If a paper is accepted orally, at least one of the authors must attend the conference to present the work, unless you have very good reasons and let us know.

ü  Papers not meeting our requirements, unless specifically exempted by the organizing committee, will NOT be submitted for SCOPUS indexing or ACL anthology archiving.

l  Letters of Invitation

ü  Registration form must be filled and sent to our contact mail:


l  Online Registration

ü  (1) (*) In order to complete the registration, you should download the personal information document and fill in those fields, and send it to the Organizers of PACLIC 35 by email ( as an attachment to register in the conference. The title of your email should read as: Your full name+registration

ü  (2) (*) You will receive a confirmation mail after sending us your registration form.

ü  (3) (*) If for some reasons, you can not present your talks, please let us know your decision at least 5 days before the commencement of the conference. The organizers will send a second confirmation letter 5 days far from the beginning of the conference.

ü   (4) (*) Please download the Personal Information Document here.

12. Registration Form.doc


l  For other questions not mentioned above:

ü  Please contact: