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  • Research: multimodal discourse analysis; social semiotics

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David Machin is an internationally established scholar working in the fields of Critical Discourse Analysis and Multimodality. He began working in the Institute early in 2022. His books are widely referenced and standard on reading lists in teaching around the world. These include Visual Journalism (2015)  Doing Visual Analysis (2018) Introduction To Multimodal Analysis (2020) and How to do Critical Discourse Analysis (2023).  

He has also published many papers in peer review journals over the past decades. The most recent of these have involved studying the nature of chains of administrative and performance management documents in institutions showing how these involve a reshaping and distortion of former priorities. He has been working on a project to look at how food marketing represents the idea of healthiness and a healthy diet, shaping these for the purposes of selling products to different target groups. This has included critical work on the concept and application of sustainability. He has also published extensively on the representation of the Roma in news and on social media, with a particular interest in concealed racism and multimodal communication. More recently he has been interested in identity politics and its use in branding and clean washing. 

David is co-editor of the peer reviewed Taylor & Francis journal Social Semiotics, which publishes papers in the wider field of discourse and critical multimodal studies, and the Bloomsbury books series Advances in Critical Discourse Studies. He sits on the editorial boards of the leading international discourse and communication journals.


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Journals and book chapters by year

Journal Articles


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