Journal Publishing: Corpus-based Studies across Humanities
Time: Oct 17.2022

Recently, the Institute of Corpus Studies and Applications (ICSA) of Shanghai International Studies University and the De Gruyter Publishing House have signed a publishing contract for the international English academic journal Corpus-based Studies across Humanities. The journal is co-edited by Professor Hu Kaibao from ISCA and Professor Tony McEnery from Lancaster University UK, with its editorial department located in the Institute. Its editorial board consists of 26 members from 12 countries, all of whom are scholars with great international influence. Their research covers the major areas of humanities, including linguistics, translation studies, literature, discourse studies, education, journalism, history studies, medical humanities, information technology, machine learning, and digital humanities, and so on and so forth.

The Journal of Corpus-based Studies across Humanities is dedicated to publishing original and innovative research, with a primary focus on corpus-driven research and applications in a wide range of humanities. The journal is published twice a year, and the topics for submissions include but are not limited to: 

  • Corpus Linguistics

  • Corpus-based Translation Studies

  • Corpus and Literature

  • Corpus and Education

  • Corpus and Medical Humanities Research

  • Corpus and Communication Research

  • Corpus and Rhetoric Research (including visual rhetoric)

  • Corpus and Art Research

  • Corpus and History Research

  • Corpus and Film Research

  • Corpus and Legal Research

  • Corpus and Regional Country Research

  • Corpus Software Tools Development Research, etc. 

This journal will be officially published in 2023. Scholars interested in the related areas are welcome to contribute.

The running of the journal will offer an important forum for international exchange pertaining to data-driven studies in humanities, which ICSA has endeavored to promote since its establishment on November 16, 2019. As a pivotal part in the strategy of internationalization adopted in ICSA, its research staff includes international experts from Britain, Belgium, Singapore, Korea, and Pakistan. In 2021 and 2022, it gained two funds from the Ministry of Science and Technology’s High-Level International Talents Team Project. In the next year, the Institute will sign cooperation agreements in students’ supervision and academic research with well-known universities in the UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions to promote its internationalization.

Editor: Geng Qiang, Wang Yao